Sunday, January 31, 2016

OCC Day 5: Expressive Florals #3

This one started out OK when I was painting this yesterday, but in the cold light of morning today, I think it's looking a little amateurish. However, it's something I would have been afraid to even attempt prior to this class, so for a first effort, I'll take it. I'm having trouble making my washes light enough--is anyone else having this problem...?


  1. Oh my this is so pretty! I love how you've worked in the blue-greens and the gold-greens. I tried, but they kept disappearing. Paper must have been too wet. That's the beauty of these classes, now we know WHY stuff happens! Back to practise ... Ger x

  2. Oh please.....this is GORGEOUS! You need your eyes checked! I think this is a fabulous piece of ART! Beautiful colors, wonderful flowers! I love it!