Wednesday, February 3, 2016

OCC Day 6: Wet-on-Wet Florals

Here is my first attempt at doing a small painting, imitating Swarup. Her paintings are so loose and lovely, but I have a long ways to go in being "loose". However, I was still a little pleased at how this turned out. It might have been better to do a larger painting, but didn't want to "waste" paper! I know, I know, we're not supposed to be worrying about that, but it's really hard to get Arches 140lb Cold Pressed paper in my town. I'm not sure how I will finish this off. I may frame it with an oval mat, placed over top of this panel.


  1. You are very talented! So pretty!

  2. You are really flying with your watercoloring! An oval mat would be gorgeous! I signed up last night for the class and will just go at my own pace, fixing all the techy problems with new network and devices. I totally get what you mean about saving wc paper. It pains me if something turns out badly because of the price of buying any new products. But paint on!!